Peaceful Touch Whole Health and Healing

Hi I'm Meredith. I'm passionate about healing, health, wellness, spirituality, energy, metaphysics, herbs, cooking, aromatherapy, esoteric and ancient wisdom.  My passions and interests are the foundation of Peaceful Touch Whole Health and Healing.  I am so grateful to be in business doing what I love, sharing my passions and natural gifts to help support others along their healing journey.   I believe the body has the innate wisdom to heal itself and I am here, focused, and present to offer my services to help facilitate you through your healing journey.

I have been practicing Massage Therapy since 1999 in many different spas around Boulder Colorado including Gold Lake Mountain Resort and Spa (Ward, CO), Sensorielle Wellbeing Spa (Boulder, CO), Taliesin Spa (Westminster) and my private practice where I 100% put all my energy into now. Specializing in Deep Tissue and Swedish my work is deeply focused yet profoundly relaxing.  As an Intuitive Massage Therapist working with many people with chronic pain and ailments I began to pick up subtle messages from the body that pain and disease may  be present in the physical (body) but can stem much deeper on emotional and spiritual levels manifesting itself in the body and or situations in our life.  I also found this true with myself through my own pain and suffering which inspired me to expand my healing work beyond massage and offer services to treat the whole person on the spiritual and emotional level as well.  In 2012 I began studying Metaphysics and became a Metaphysical Practitioner to help to teach people how to change unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, feelings, patterns and create peace, truth, dreams and purpose in their life through meditation. In 2014 I completed my Reiki Master Teacher Training, 15 years after completing my Reiki I training, which was my introduction and inspiration into the Healing Arts. I offer Reiki classes and treatments local and distant.  My Reiki Practice in my own life has truly been the most powerful and transforming tool I have found as I continue to heal myself. 

In 2012 after a significant life change which was a heartbreaking loss my journey through grief became very highlighted and I began to ponder death, loss, and grief and how life can change in an instant to any of us for many different reasons including death, divorce, illness, and injury.   The cycle of  birth, life and death became very apparent and real to me as I started to deeply notice and feel that every day is a cycle and in fact that we all die over and over again through out life. This process is also part of healing. I made an amazing transformation though my own grief and darkness back into the light and have an immense amount of compassion for people going through this transition and transformation through death, loss, life changes, and the grief that follows loss and change. I wanted to be more of service and support around this not so comfortable area so I studied with The Conscious Dying Institute receiving and End Of Life Coach/Death Doula Certificate and started to volunteer with Tru Hospice.  I offer in home services for the dying and their families in my private practice.  I feel that this has given me more awareness about change in general, all kinds of change.  The only thing in life that is constant is change, right? Constant change can be stressful and hard on the body, thankfully there is support out there and I feel called to aid in that support.  

About me personally I just continue to follow my heart. I am a truth seeker and lover of all things beautiful. I connect deeply to love and think life the most precious gift.  I love my amazing kids who have been my greatest teachers, my sweet boyfriend, my cat, my family, nature, hiking, yoga, being a mom,  a homemaker, and cooking healthy food.