Intuitive Therapeutic Massage-  Intuitive meaning that my hands guide me and the session. This massage is tailored to your needs and goals using many different massage techniques including Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish, Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Thai. I will address areas of concern and give your body an overall relaxing experience.  Included in this massage is the use of essential oils to support your experience. 

30 minute focused -$51

45 minute focused -$66

60 minute full hour- $81

75 minute massage- $96

90 minute massage- $114

120 minute massage- $150

Prenatal Massage- This massage is tailored to the comfort of the pregnant and postpartum mama.  You will be comforted with pillows, soothed with gentle essential oils, and nurtured using prenatal massage techniques. 

60 minute massage- $81

90 minute massage- $114

​Hot Stone Massage-  Let hot river stones and earthy aromas melt your tensions away while being grounded by the energies of the earth.  This is a full body massage and tailored to your needs and goals. 

90 minute massage-  $130

2 hour massage - $160

​Thai Herbal Poultice Massage-   This massage originated in Thailand and consists of compression, meridian work,  light stretching, herbal poultice massage, followed by an invigorating aromatherapy massage.  Due to the benefits of the healing herbs in the poultice this massage is great for tired and overworked muscles.

90 minutes massage- $135

4 Hands Massage - ​ Experience ultimate bliss with Meredith and Jewl working in tandem for your deepest relaxation.

1 hour $150

90 minutes $195

                                     Energy Based Body Work

​Chakra Balancing Massage-  Balance the chakras through a relaxing and healing journey.  It will begin with a brief analysis to determine what chakras to treat followed by massage, aromatherapy, reiki, the use of specific chakra stones,  breathwork, and meditation when called for. 

90 minute massage- $125

Reflexology-  This foot treatment is an eastern therapy based on energy, working different parts of the feet that correspond with systems and parts of the body. Reflexology is deeply relaxing and promotes relaxation, balance, and normalizes bodily functions.

60 minutes- $81

90 minutes- $114

                                Add on's and Enhancements 

Sweet CBD Cannabis Oil -  This oil is amazingly therapeutic.  CBD oil is anti-inflammatory with specific herbs and essential oils that sooth discomfort associated with muscle aches and pain.  **Caution- It is not certain how this oil shows up in the system if drug tested.  There is no time added on and cost is based on product fee. $10

Body Brushing-  Lymphatic body brushing increases the circulation, detoxifies, rejuvenates the nervous system, removes dead skin cells, increases the skins ability to absorb nutrients, and supports lymphatic drainage. This add on is great before a massage treatment and you will receive a complimentary brush to take home.  

15 minutes - $25

*Massage, Reiki, and Reflexology Series are available. Please inquire for pricing.

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